Cognition and Primary Decision Essay example

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What is your primary decision making style?
My primary decision making style is Behavior.

Give an example of a decision you’ve recently made. Do you feel it fits this style? Why or why not?
A decision I had recently made was to trade in my old piece of junk car for something that better suits my life and adapts to my daughter. I do believe in a way it does fit the behavior style. I kind of got talked into saying yes, get rid of your car and get a new one. I really didn’t think about it or give it much thought.

Name one strength of this style. How do you see it working for you?
One strength of this style is enjoying being around people. I love to talk and communicate with others. I don’t do much during the day because I am a stay at home mom, but when I do go out, I enjoy talking to other people and learning about them. I see this working for me in a way that if someone needed a helping hand, I would help them as much as I can and I know I would want the same returned for me whether it be the same person or someone else.

Name one perceived weakness of this style. What can you do to overcome it? One thing I hate about myself is not being able to say no. Everytime someone comes up to me and asks for some money when I know their going to spend it on alcohol, I give them a buck or two. Or if someone needed somewhere to stay, id allow them to sleep at my place. I hate saying no because I do not want to be seen as the bad guy. A thing I could do to over come this is