Cognition and Tim O’brien Essay

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I really enjoyed the novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. I thought it was interesting how he told you in the text not to believe war stories, even when the whole book is a war story. I liked how you never fully knew when he was telling the truth or not. I thought at certain parts it was a little confusing because he would say stuff which was irrelevant to the chapter. I liked getting to see the change occurring in the characters throughout the war and their time in Vietnam. I believe it would be worth the discussing the relationship between the initials of Jimmy Cross being J.C , his last name being Cross and him being present during some of the deaths. What is his relationship to Jesus? I also think it would be worth discussing certain moments that really give insight into being a solider. For example, Curt Lemon’s dentist experience and the men having to search for Kiowa in pool of poop. One last topic I believe would be worth talking about is what the soldiers actually carry with them, both physically, mentally and emotionally. The Thing They Carried by Tim O’Brien is literature. It is literature because it consists of words which are written down, has a meaning and makes you think. It is 246 pages of words for a start. Although this novel is made up of stories about the war, each story provides a new meaning of what the experience of being a soldier in Vietnam is really like. It gives you a look at what it’s like to kill a man or be extremely paranoid