Essay about Cognition: Psychology and People

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Cognition is a high-level psychological knowing process, which mainly includes noticing, recognizing, imagery, memory, thinking and language. It is a study of human thought, such as people’s common abilities and the individual differences expressed by these abilities. What cognitive psychologists do is to study the internal mechanism of people’s psychology which cannot be seen directly. For example, the processing, storage, extraction and changing of memory. Therefore, psychologists can only confer that process by observing the input and output information. (Baidu)
An example of cognition experiment is to test the process for people to recognize the letter “E”. First, project an “E” on the screen for 1 millisecond. Next time, let the “E” show on screen for 5 milliseconds, people begin to notice that there is something on the screen. Then, last time, let the “E” stay a little bit longer, and people can identify it is an “E” on the screen. (Baidu)
Another example is a famous perceptual illusion in which the brain switches between seeing a young girl and an old woman. Some people see a young girl while others see an old lady. People are different in cognition, so that different people can receive two different images after their first look. That is one of the interesting topics that psychologists study.

Cognitive science helps people to understand how the brain works during cognitive processing, which is useful in explaining human actions. The more the…