Essay on Cognitive Competence

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Topic: Cognitive Competence

Wai (Synergy)

Part 1 1. Definition cognitive competence P.3-4 2. Theory of cognitive competence P.5-8 3. Factors affecting cognitive competence P.9-10 4. Importance of cognitive competence in leadership P.11-12 5. Ways to enhance the level of cognitive competence P.13-14

Part 2
Self evaluation P.15-17

Part 3
Reference P.18-19

Part 1
Definition of cognitive competence

1. Cognitive competence is defined as the ability to perform adequately those cognitively complex tasks considered essential for living on one's own in this society. (Willis SL.(1996). Everyday cognitive competence in elderly
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For intrinsic factors, I think there are: intelligence, personalities, knowledge and past experience. For intelligent, I think it is not difficult to imagine that it is important for high cognitive competence. Intelligence is particularly important for the “know how” and “know why” stage. Only if you are wise enough can you think of a new way to solve problem that no one has ever think of or find out what is the problem of existing method being used by other people. Moreover, intelligence is kind of inborn; therefore, cognitive competence is also inborn to a certain extent. As for personality, I think people with different personality may affect his/her performance in problem solving and the presentation of his cognitive competence. For example, if a person lacks confidence and likes to deal with problem in a low risk aspect, he/she may not abandon the existing widely used method to tackle the problem and use new methods even though he is clever enough to think of many other new potential methods. They may only attempt the new ways when they are 100% more effective and safer than the existing ones. Knowledge and past experience are very similar. They both can be regarded as memory. They are very important factors that affect cognitive competence. When tackling problems, memory always acts as your “reference”, it gives you basic information and background about the problem. And help you to figure out the solution in relation to