cognitive dissonance Essay

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Alisha McNett
February 22, 2014
Instructor Kenneth Hansen

When people make purchases of products, or try some type of service out, they have expectations of how well the product or service will work for them. Expectations aren’t always meant, and sometimes they are. There are a lot of factors that go into making a purchase, whether the customer is left satisfied or not. There is a process that is followed after a purchase is made by both the consumer and the marketer.

In our text books, cognitive dissonance is defined as the inner tension that a consumer experiences after recognizing an inconsistency between behavior and values or opinions. Which to me means a feeling you get when you believe one thing, and then something contradicts that belief and you’re left with the decision to make a change.

The post-purchase evaluation process is a list of steps that can help consumers and marketers avoid cognitive dissonance. Consumers and marketers can take these steps to avoid customer satisfaction completely, or to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The consumer can justify their decision in purchasing the product or service. They can also do some research on the internet, or asking other customers who have used the product. Or they can simply return the product if they aren’t satisfied. Marketers can reduce dissonance by sending the customer a letter or by advertising the product in a manner that makes the consumer believe that it is better than any other. They can also offer a money back guarantee if the customer isn’t satisfied with the results of the product. I think 2 services that are at higher risk of cognitive dissonance are shopping on e-bay or any other place on the internet and also shopping for phone service, such as using Verizon.
Sometimes with e-bay, you may not actually get what you are paying for. What if it’s not what you expected, or its damaged in some way? I was shopping for a dress online, and found this beautiful Victorian style gown. I actually spoke with the dress maker on the phone and in email and was very excited to receive this gown. I