A Note On Consumer Behavior

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* Day
Setting up the plan for all the day I made schedule in which I had to purchase lot of things so first of all I decided to purchase the things from the store which I need very much. From the previous few days I was thinking to purchase a warm blanket for this severe winter season. I went to my friend and asked about any good store from which I could purchase a cheap and qualitative blanket (variety seeking behavior). He addressed me about one of the shop to purchase (reference group).
I decided to go there, because blanket was my (repetitive consumption).For this purpose I had to go on bus because that place was a little bit far from my flat about the drive of 20 minutes.
I went to the shop as it was looking a huge meta market so I made a qualitative image about their products (pre-purchase behavior),I selected one of the blanket costing 70£ which was relatively cheap and bought it (purchase behavior),I analyzed it and thought that it is not really much as I thought but due to my necessity I purchased it because although it was not very cheap but it was qualitative(post purchase behavior).I brought that blank with me at my flat by hiring a taxi as I was not able to handle it alone. Taxi driver demanded 10£ to bring me there, while coming back to my flat I felt hungry and decided to eat meal from McDonalds’ purchased the big zinger with coke ,French fries and came back and sat in taxi. Although the meal was not very good but due to some reason I had to go to my flat soon that’s why I did not waste my time to select the meal but at last All the way I finished my meal.

After reaching at my flat, I gave rent to taxi driver and one of the worker of my flat helped me to take that blanket in my flat, I saluted him and finally put the blanket on my bed.as I was too tired so I could not purchase the rest of things and decided to go to the next day

(Refer to the previous day)
The previous day I could not purchase everything so today I got up on a little bit late from my schedule and started preparing myself for shopping. I took bath, eat breakfast and first I prepared the list on a paper that what I have to purchase in actual from food items (habitual decision making).
I skimmed the list and noticed that I have to purchase a lot of food items but due to inexperience behavior I could not decide that from where I should purchase so I went to one of my near friends shop and asked him about the famous grocery shop to buy the reasonable and qualitative products (reference group). He suggested me one of the good Chinese grocery shop for cheap products, I asked him about the location of the shop as it was situated at the back of my university. The shop was giving the impression that I have arrived to the right place (word of mouth)
Then I started searching the needy food items as I was grab in little problem because I had to purchase the “hilal food items” (pre-purchase behavior) which were seldom available there so I started to search deeply and started to compare the alternatives of food items to purchase (cognitive buying behavior).After the thorough search I found some of the “cheap food items” and I bought rice, ketchup, and sugar from this shop (purchase behavior) because it was a Chinese shop so I could not find much items from here
Further I was forced to buy some more fruit and grocery items so I wondered around in the search of reputed shop and finally I went to Sainsbury. Because Sainsbury has a famous name and everybody know it’s worth (motivation through brand recognition), I bought little items including bread, eggs, fruits, and chicken from here. After purchasing all this I decided to come back to my flat because it was at a walking distance from this shop but on the way I went to the Starbucks and enjoyed the warm coffee cup and came back to my flat.

* Day
Today we had lot of things to do, as we made a long project that made us to frustrate of the daily routine. My friend told me that he