Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper

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Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper 1

Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper
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Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper 2
The cognitive dissonance theory has many possible scenarios and examples chosen throughout life. The theory will be either enhanced or decreased depending on a number of factors such as the person’s moral values, social upbringing, and social status at work, religious views, culture, and more. When a person makes a decision, such as calling into work sick when he or she are not sick may have a number of consequences. The first may be the person’s conscience and the possibility of getting caught in the act of a
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The actions may lead the employee to call in sick because of their external situation. He or she may be stressed and do not want to go to work to deal with their manager or to make the employee who is his or her counterpart work harder, to see what it is like to pull the full weight of the job’s responsibilities.
Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper 4
Describe the reciprocal relationship between behavior and attitudes When a person calls in sick to his or her job when he or she are really not sick the relationship between behavior and attitudes depends on the person who is calling in. Attitude reflect upon our behavior for instance he or she called into work claiming he or she was sick and were not, but the attitude was that he or she just didn't want to deal with the people that day. The person worked in a mental health facility it wasn't the clients that he or she did not want to see, it was the staff. Most of the staff did not do their work and left the employee to do it all while the doors were shut to keep people out. The rest of the employees spent an hour or so talking while he or she was taking care of 20 people and entertaining them. Now the behavior was reflected by an attitude of “do not care” behavior. The employee would not go out in public, stayed home and relaxed, tried to calm down and change the attitude to a positive one. Some people can have a good attitude and behavior when calling in or some may have a bad