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After conversing with my friend about his unsuccessful life I have decided to recommend for him to see a therapist that can change his self-defeating thoughts. I told him about cognitive therapy because the practice is self-associative to ultimately alter the way he thinks and the way he acts. Cognitive behavior therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. My best friend stated that talking will now help reduce his negative thoughts about himself but this untrue. His statement illuminates why he needs cognitive therapy because cognitive therapy is going to change his way of mind. “Talking won’t help. The more I talk about my problems the more I think about my problems. The more I think about my problems the more depressed I get”, this statement by my friend is not an unalterable ladder of anxious thoughts. Cognitive therapy makes people learn to replace to catastrophizing with more realistic appraisals and to practice that counter their problem. An example could be the recent Psychology exam my friend barely passed. It is saddening for him because he wanted a better grade, but with cognitive therapy he can talk about his problems and find out why he received that grade, but instead of saying his outcome in a pessimistic tone, he can say it in more optimistic tone. Such as “I got a 69 on my test but if I study harder I can get a higher grade.” The therapy has altered his way of thinking and know that my friend knows how to receive a better grade he can put it into practice which will ultimately change the way he acts. Of course Cognitive therapy is not just limited to education but in other aspects of his life that are creating these “sad” thoughts in my friend’s head. Now of course I expect the therapist to have effective, and efficient methods that he will use for Cognitive therapy, especially since therapy is time-limited. One of the methods I imagine the therapist will use is the Socratic Method. This method will allow the therapist to gain a good understanding of my friend and his concerns. Usually therapist will encourage their clients to ask themselves questions of doubt such as “Are they really laughing at me? Or could they be laughing at