Cognitive Impairment Issues In The Life Of Mellow

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Mellow currently does not with any family and is homeless because she refuses to live inside. Mellow’s romantic relationships are often figments of her imagination. She pretends to be pregnant and that her husband is rich. Mellow was sexually abused as a child, at the age fifteen she was raped. She was never neglected, therefore she does not have any abandonment issues. Mellow has dealt with several traumas. Besides from being homeless, she has dealt with the death of her beloved little sister and father. Mellow caused many kitchen fires from trying to cook food. Also, she has been a victim of crime. When she did have her own place, people who continuously break in and steal her property because they knew she’s mentally ill.
This patient needs dental work done on rotting teeth. She does not get her yearly physical. She has lumps in her breast and on the neck. Yes, she has pre-existing medical conditions. She has several medicines for her mental conditions. Mellow has been treated in server long term care facilities, outpatient care, and community therapy. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. According to records, Mellow did not present with cognitive delays, developmental delays, identified special needs impairment at birth, nor exposure to substance abuse in utero. At 18 years of age, Mellow started presenting with severe cognitive impairment which contributed to several behavioral disturbances.
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Mellow does not have effective coping mechanisms due to not having a history of compliance to what she has learned to mitigate her becoming more