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Discuss ways cognitive neuroscience has contributed to our understanding of the mind.

The field of cognitive psychology has rapidly advanced in the past decades. One of it’s latest and most progressive sub sets is cognitive neuroscience. It is based on the principles that govern cognitive psychology which views mental activity as the processing of information. However, cognitive neuroscience goes a step further in using scientific and empirical methods to determine how cognition is produced by neural circuits. evidence uses modern techniques to (insert good definition). As brain brain processes can not be directly obvserved, cognitive neuroscience measures an input from the environment and the output from the brain. The advancement of cognitive neuroscience have elevated our understanding beyond the days of early knowledge about cognition. For example it was once believed that memory was .

It was first proposed by that memory was a linear model, which was then disputed by who . However modern scanning techniques have provided neuroscientific evidene to suggest the existence of different memory stores

It is in cases such as these that neuroscience has been influential in our understanding of the mind as it evidence of mechanisms that previous cognitive studies could not provide. It therefore offers a route for behavioural findings such as a persons inability to () and explains it via the use of observation, for example :
However present studies dispute these studies by providing empirical research to suggest we have spate stores, such as . ( ) that found , xyz. They used

Broca and Wernicke lesion studies were the first of their kind to assign a cognitive function to a particular part of the brain.
One of the many mental processes that has benefited from the development of cognitive neuroscience is memory. In the --- memory was considered as . Early studies …
One of the first empirical studies into memory