Cohealo Case Study In Health Care

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A comparison is made below by keeping the patients, providers and manufacturer’s point of view in mind. The outlook on BI in healthcare can have various domains for the stakeholders in the Healthcare sector:
Perspective of providers: With the integration of BI the providers are benefited more as the industry is going a lot of technological transformation. In order to have cost cutting for the hospitals Cohealo created an application that helps in pooling the equipment, shares the data sources within the network range hospitals which helps in reducing the cost and saves millions of bucks to the providers. It is a strategy based stakeholder to drive benefits and hence implementation of BI solution to medical organizations will have direct impact
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Using Tableau which provided improved information, they saved $3 million from supply chain waste, and also could also plan clinical trials.
 Denver Health Materials Management team has transformed from a manual to an automated system had used barcodes and handled computers to manage inventory, improving accuracy and efficiency. By this they have cut inventory levels for these departments and cut the clinics inventory by 70%. It enables purchasing and legal to view all of Denver health contract and make education purchasing decisions and decrease costs. It has developed an application called “LEAN TRANSFORMATION” which has eliminated waste, cut cost, engage employees and improve patients care.
 Cedars-Sinai is also one of another view of the adoption of BI is via the resistance of the physicians to go paperless which provide for a better
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Also from their perspective point of view it is necessary to show how predictive modeling is playing important role in the premier process of integration of BI tool. Few examples from the readings there are lots of way data can be collected as said by Sudha Ram in the conference, like Social media data that comes from social media sites .She also talked about the machinery techniques that clean data to extract clean dataset. It become possible to leverage various datasets for analyzing various diseases the world is facing and hence getting better treatments at an early stage of