Coin Grading Scale Essay

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United States Coin Grading Scale
Circulated Coins Grade | Definition | Poor-1 or P-1 | Also known as Basal State - You can barely make out the type of coin it is, but little else. This is a coin that is badly damaged or worn smooth. | Fair-2 or FR-2 | You can barely make out the type and date of coin and the coin is damaged or extremely worn. There may be holes, it might be bent, etc. | About Good or AG-3 | This coin is very heavily worn with portions of lettering, date and legends worn smooth. The date may be barely readable (possibly with some effort). Some lettering should be apparent, if not necessarily readable. Often, only parts of the last two digits will be visible. | Good or G-4 | This is a heavily worn coin. Major designs are visible, but with faintness in areas. The head of Liberty, wreath, or other major features should be visible in outline form without center detail. On some coins, full rims are not required for this grade, but you must be able to read the date and mint mark. | Good-plus or G-6 | This coin has a full rim plus major devices and features are clearly outlined but with heavy wear. | Very Good or VG-8 | This is a well worn coin but with a full rim with clearly discernable devices and features. Most legends are readable clearly, but the whole coin is still significantly worn. | Fine or F-12 | This coin shows moderate to considerable even wear throughout, however the entire design is bold with an overall pleasing appearance. All lettering, including the word LIBERTY, which appears on 28 coin types either on the shield or headband, is visible, with some weaknesses. It has a distinct rim. | Very Fine or VF-20 | This coin has clearly readable but lightly worn legends, devices show good detail, rims are clean, but the whole coin shows moderate wear on the high points and a little wear below. | Choice Very Fine or VF-30 | This coin has light even wear on the surface and highest parts of the design, but with all lettering and major features sharp. | Extremely Fine or EF-40 | The design on this coin is lightly worn throughout, but overall, features are sharp and well defined. A bit of luster may show. | Choice Extremely Fine or EF-45 | This coin shows light overall wear on the highest points. All design details are very sharp. Some of the Mint luster is evident. | Choice Extremely Fine or XF-45 | The legends and devices on this coin are clear and sharp, with slight wear on the high points, and great eye appeal. |
About Uncirculated (AU) Coins Grade | Definition | About Uncirculated or AU-50 | This coin has sharp legends and devices show only a trace of wear on the highest points. There must be at least half of the mint luster still present. | Choice About Uncirculated or AU-55 | A coin having less than a trace of wear on only the highest points of the design but no other defects and with most of its luster remaining. This coin also has great eye appeal. | Choice About Uncirculated or AU-58 | This coin is virtually uncirculated, except