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COIS20024 Information Systems Overview

Assignment 1 Part B – Final report

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Executive Summary
This report examines the currently problems regarding to the difficult that internal and external customers have to find information in relation to products, inventory, and other important issues which are affecting the performance of Bruce’s Hardware.
Nowdays, a well developed and suited Enterprise System has become one of the crucial challengers that the firms are facing. Globalization, electronics process, competitors an so forth have forced the organizations to obtain an innovative ES. ES will support the firm in the process of becoming flexible, adaptable and competitive, coordinating all functional areas through a integration and storing of all business data, making it available for all members of the company and organization boundaries. Thus, the decision-making process is easier and the workforce’s company will increase job satisfaction, and this will reflected in an enhanced customer services delivery.
In addition to this its suppliers are able to plan, produce and deliver goods and services efficiently, saving cost and time. As a result, they become an integral part of a success business.
The following recommendations have been made:
The executive management support is required during the implementation of the project in order to acquire resources and make and support difficult reengineering decisions.
BH should invest in outside experts which have the sufficient experience and access to supporting tools and methods that contribute to the implementation success.
Training in organization, business process, and application functions is crucial to success of the project.
BH has to create a multidisciplinary team to implement the ES span the entire firm and as such involve input and participation from all functional areas.

Table of Content
Introduction 3
Purpose 3
Background 3
Report content 4
Enterprise Systems 6
Supply Chain Management Systems 8
The five basic Supply Chain Management Components 8
Implementation problems 9
Recommendations 10
Conclusion 10
References 11

This report will be based in the analysis of the internal and external customers’ necessities in order to evaluate the viability to put into operation a well suited Internet-based with the purpose of improving the processes of the firm.

Bruce’s Hardware (BH) is a chain of wholesale hardware stores with 250 stores located in Australia. The company uses a lease network which is able to manage its accounting and inventory control through terminals located in each store called point-of-sale (POS). BH use a server situated in its head office which is updated in real time at the same time as a server in a store where all the records are sent by each store, which are centralized and maintained.
BH’s customers are capable of places orders in person, with one of a mobile sales staff or by phone. However, customers are not able to track the orders because this process can not automatically exchange information in the supply chain and the staff needs to complete orders manually in order to give details to the customers.

Currently, the main problem that BH is facing due to the fact that employees and customers have been complaining, it is the difficulty to find information about products, inventory, contact sales staff, and place and track orders online. As a result, the staff waste time searching information that it should be available on BH’s website.
This situation has delivered to the company to set up as an objective the introduction and implementation of a new Enterprise System (ES) which will support their business function. ES allows the organization to integrate operations, data and applications, in order to predict and react quickly to new