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Colapinto Journal 1. Two examples Colapinto developed in this essay were the BlackBerry and Pentium. The BlackBerry was a portable device that was able to send and receive email. The Pentium was faster than other computer processors and was the first one capable of running the video and graphics. The name BlackBerry came from the workers using mind maps. A diagram of words that spread out with ideas or concepts. Strawberry was on the list but was said to be too slow to say. Since the device was black, they replaced the straw with black and came with BlackBerry. The Pentium came from words on the periodic table titanium and sodium. The company generated thousands of names using “ium” and Pentium was one of those names.
2. Colapinto’s strategies for this essay were to keep the reader intrigued with his work. He wanted the readers to know how he developed names for branding products. He then went on to giving a brief background of his life that lead up to his greatest accomplishments. Some included the BlackBerry, Pentium, the Swiffer and the PowerBook.
3. Mind maps allow everyone involved to brainstorm creatively on complex problems. Mind mapping also allows everyone to see what other ideas people have, not just your own. Mind mapping can help us out when we are trying to figure out a topic for an essay. Having multiple ideas before writing your essay is a great way to help with your topic ideas.
4. Language has a big impact in the marketing and advertising field. The choice of words to convey a particular message is crucial when trying to draw in the…