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In World War II, there were horrific times. One of the most horrific times was when it was an atomic warfare. The atomic bomb was a different and new way of destruction that was powerful in world history. Once America committed their strength to fight Japan industrially and technologically, everything changed (Spodek, 704). The Americans began bombing Japanese cities with the atomic bomb. It was unnecessary to use the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagaski. However, there are three issues to what the bombings resulted in: The use of the atomic bombs was more to scare Russia than to defeat Japan, droppping the atomic bomb was inhumane, and Harry Truman was unprepared for presidential responsibilities. Firstly, the use of the atomic bombs was more to scare Russia, than to defeat Japan. Many question why the United States used atomic bombs on August 6th and 9th, when they knew that the Russians were about to war with Japan. Bomb opponnts believe that the United States government didn’t wait for them because they were already thinking about the post-war world and how they could put a limit to the Soviet Union gains. The issue with this is that the Soviet Union did not know about the atomic bomb ahead of time. America’s mistake, was that they should have taken action to give warning to the Soviet Union and tell them that they were going to drop the atomic bombs.

Second, the atomic bomb was inhumane. The atomic bomb caused a lot of damage to the citizens of Japan. On March 9th, 1945, 83,793 people were killed, 40,918 were injured, and 267,000 buildings were all destroyed in Tokyo (Spodek, 704). All of this happened in Tokyo alone. The act of dropping atomic bombs were simply terrible; hundreds and thousands of innocent citizens with no democratic rights to oppose their government were vaporized, turned into charred blobs of carbon, horrifically burned, buried in rubble, hit with flying debris from the air, and exposed to radiation. All of these things that occurred from atomic bombs were dangerous, and was inhumane. Women and children were involved in this tragedy. It is very depressing because entire families and so many neighborhoods were wiped out too. Of all this that happened, America didn’t seem to think things through. It is deeply unfair that they had to suffer even though they surrendered before the atomic bombs were dropped down on their cities. America was supposed to place a high value on life. In a society that places so much value on life, how can the death and suffering of people who wasn’t eve at war caused by the atomic bombs be the right thing to do when it is clearly the wrong thing to do? Everything did not seem to add up when it comes to the society of the Americans. It seems as if America did this to “Intentionally” harm them, which makes it such a sad issue to discuss. It was unnecessary to use the atomic bomb on Japan in the first place because they were just in the middle of things. Later on, America had finally came to their senses and realized what damaged they had done. They began to regret the inhumane act that they done to Japan. It is a good thing they had a heart about it, because it was wrongdoing and cruel to harm so many innocent people.
The last issue that also led to the bombings was that Truman was unprepared for…