Cold War Essay

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roots: 1945 technology: atomic weapons ideology--> Fascism uneasy alliance w democratic states
balance of power?
multiple reasons

Cold War
"bravado" - arms race spheres of influence
"covert spying" anxiety propaganda spread of communism advent of modernism --> globalization alliance system
1945 New World Order
2 Superpowers: USSR & US essentially teenagers in power
- inexperienced, prideful, fierce communism vs capitalism democracy industrialized roots of Cold War go back to 1917 and the 30's no more fascism
Stalin promised free elections in eastern Europe, soviet aid in pacific
- didn't do that cold war emerges out of mutual suspicion
1945-1946 UN
General Assembly/Security council
US, Soviet Union, China, France GB
Civil Wars- China(1946-1949)
Turkey: gateway between middle east/Europe communists vs. non-communists
Stalin fears fascism
GB- slaughtered 50,000 indians had many problems in India
1946 Winston Churchill "Iron Curtain" speech
- creates visual image for division of Europe
- big debate in the US
1947 Truman Doctrine
George Kennan (containment) announcing to the world the US will use any means possible for containment
Marshall Plan
- gave 12.5 billion dollars to European countries
1948 Germany and Berlin divided
- western sectors of Berlin did well
Marshall Plan gave them money
Berlin Airlift
British and American pilots are airlifting food/supplies into west berlin non-communitsts winning in Greece/Turkey
1949: W.Ger (bonn) E. Ger (Berlin)
Military defensive alliance no country dominated, forced to join group
1950's Warsaw Pact
- dominated by Soviet Union not forced to join
1953 Stalin dies (purges before death)
1956 W.Europe rebuilding centralized controlled economy focusing on 5-year plan forced collectivization
- organized communist resistance movement
Stalin replaced by Khrushchev (denounced Stalin) allows free expression emphasis on consumer goods improved housing/health care stress on industrialism less ruling with iron fist

Poland -- RCC greater economics/political liberty
Imre Nagy
- exited Warsaw Pact

meeting in vienna
- u2 plane shot down
- cancelled meeting soviet union accusing US of spying, espionage,

1959 Cuban revolution
- Castro funded by soviet union
1961 Berlin Wall
- across east Berlin
- stops fleeing people

Bay of pigs invasion
- failed US invasion of Cuba
Naval Blockade

Cold War in Asia
Korea: 1945
N Korea: Kim Il Sung
S Korea: Syngman Rhee
1950 Kim Il Sung
- crosses 38 parallel
- invades S Korea
China (Taiwan)
Gen. MacArthur
Korean War
UN army push communism away
MacArthur wanted to bomb China