Cold War and Wwii Soviet Blockade Essay

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Cause: What led to event or situation? | Event, Situation, Plan, or Organization. Describe what it is | Effect: What happened as a result of the event or situation? | Soviet Union broke it’s promise at Yalta Conference to allow its owned European Countries to vote for their own government. Instead, they decided to expand communism, which made Americans nervous communism would reach U.S. | Marshall PlanProgram of financial aid and other initiatives, sponsored by the U.S., designed to boost the economies of Western European countries | Stopped west Germany from going communist, because after the war, they were devastated by the destruction and high reparations | Truman requested money from congress to support free peoples who were resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures | Truman DoctrineOffered support to all countries that declined communism, attempting to contain it, and ultimately end it. Also consisted of Marshall Aid | Truman helped put down soviet expansion by asking congress for $400,000,000 | Post WWII Soviet blockade of roads into Berlin while the Western Allies were keeping a presence there | Berlin AirliftAirlift in 1948 that supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the Russians closed off land access to Berlin | US showed Soviets we could beat them at any price, and kept them in their place but it cost a fortune | In response to the increasing likelihood of a war between the west and Soviet Union | NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Orginization | Russia formed Warsaw Pact | In response to Western Germany Joining NATO | Warsaw PactOrganization of communists states in Central and Eastern Europe | Gave further justification to Moscow to dictate terms to its satellite states in Eastern Europe and essentially rule over everything east of Iron Curtain | Hungarians hated Russian communism | Hungarian RevolutionOriginally a student protest which turned into a revolution and resulted in the overthrow of the Communist party in Hungary | Communist Party in Hungary was overthrown | Formed with intent to protect citizens of the United states. Established to keep track of activities of people who were thought to present a threat to the nation | HUACHouse Un-American Activities Committee | Public humiliation of prominent liberals before a committee comprised largely of right-wing conservatives | Intense anti-communist suspicion |