Essay Cold War Ideology and Policies

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Cold War Ideology and Policies
Alexis Figueroa

During WWII the U.S was in alliance with Russia and Britain. Germany, Japan and Italy shared an alliance as well. Now after the war ended those alliances ended up shifting and two great Powers were born, the UUSR and America.

Due to the change in alliances is believed to have caused the cold war. Although there is a lot of speculation as to when the Cold War actually began. In 1945 the United States saw that problems were inevitable between America and Russia. The reason for this is that Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union were Pro-communist and wanted a communist government. America on the other hand wanted a democratic-run government; this is what steered America to form new alliances with West Germany. East Germany remained allied with UUSR and was prepared to fight all of Germany for the sake of a Communist run Government. The U.S then started creating plans to combat against communism; In 1947 President Truman introduced a doctrine which helped stop the communist takeover of Greece and turkey. When Truman’s doctrine policy showed the people it actually worked the birth of the marshal plan came into effect. The Marshall Plan was announced to help provide financial assistance to struggling ally Western Europe. Once this policy was implemented Western Europe’s economy improved drastically, this then caused people to start doubting Communism.

Then Communism took an even greater blow, when NATO was