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cold war

Everywhere I read about the cold war it says it is unlike any war the U.S ever fought, but why is that? What makes this war so much different that it stands out from all the rest? What did the war change in the world around us; did it benefit us or ruin us? Did the war cause other violent wars after it was over? How did it affect our president at the time, and how did he affect the cold war? Why don’t we take a look at our past and find out? As we start at the very beginning of this war and end with what the U.S gained from it.
The cold war dated as far back as 1947 to 1991, it really was unlike any other war there was not a specific place where it was fought like all other wars although other wars resulted from the cold war. The cold war was between The United States and the Soviet Union, it was a war fought over ideologies. The United States fully believed in capitalism and that communism was evil, and the Soviet Union believed soul hardily in communism.
As the cold war came to an end, the global environment showed affects caused by the war such as. A decision was made to take a good look at the clean-up issues and start on environmental remediation. In addition to the loss of life by uniformed soldiers, millions died in the superpowers proxy wars around the world, mostly in Southeast Asia. Biological and chemical weapons that were developed during the cold war are still around although many are being demilitarized.
President Ronald Reagan’s cold war