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Cole Smith
Period 2
Academic Summary: Trayvon Martin and the Black Male Code Trayvon Martin, age 17, was shot and killed while walking down the street, solely because he seemed suspicious to shooter and neighborhood watch member, George Zimmerman; thus spawning and highlighting the Black Male Code. Al Dotson Jr., a lawyer in Miami and chairman of the 100 Black Men of America organization, had to emphasize to his 14-year old son that he needs be aware of his surroundings more often because he is African American. Dotson later explores the receiving of these instructions in his youth, and how they have evolved over time. Steve Bumbaugh, a foundation director in Los Angles, explains that, because of his children’s’ physical appreanences, they may be treated differently in the society that they live in. Bumbaugh later concludes that he encourages his kids to speak to police officers at all times. Bumbaugh finally reports the story of walking through his neighborhood, and having his mother tell him, “What is that guy doing in our neighborhood?” after wearing a dark sweat suit and hoodie. Bill Stephaney, a media executive who lives in a New Jersey suburb states that African American males can get singled out much easier. Stephaney mentions an ultra-awareness, “a racial Spidey sense, a tingling” – that his sons should use when their stereotyping might place them into imminent danger. According to the article, the Black Man Code follows as: Always pay close attention to…