Colgate Case Study Essay

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The toothbrush product category has undergone numerous changes. As toothbrush companies are constantly trying to create the best products, gain a competitive advantage and discover new methods of efficiency in manufacturing and distribution, they must also find the right balance between their marketing mix in order to be profitable. The first change that has occurred in the toothbrush product category is that toothbrush firms are investing more money to accentuate both the purposeful features of toothbrushes and their actual design to consumers. They are using more informative material in their advertisements and other promotional strategies to educate consumers on the importance of proper brushing, how often an individual should brush, the benefits of brushing and even when to change the toothbrush. This change will allow firms to present consumers with practical information they can use to choose the appropriate toothbrush to fit their brushing preferences. For example, Oral-B’s Indicator has bristles that fade from blue to white to educate the consumer on when to replace the toothbrush (Quelch & Laidler, 1992, p.51). The toothbrush market is segmented into the value, professional and super-premium segments. These segments are differentiated by price, the design of the toothbrush, the various physical features of the toothbrush, and their overall benefit to the consumer. Each segment concentrates on targeting certain toothbrush users according to the intensity