Colin Caperkick's Argument Against The Anti-American Flag

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Before the start of almost any sporting event in America, the national anthem is played to honor the United States. Players and fans alike stand proudly with their hands on their hearts proud to be part of one of the greatest country in the world. Up until a year ago during the dying days of August, everyone, regardless of race, gender or nationality, stood for the anthem. However, on one faithful game, a sub-par quarterback did something that would change the world of sports for better or worse. Instead of standing he knelt. Colin Caperkick protest has since been adapted by many athletes, and even whole teams from different sports of all levels. Although many try to support the anti-American action, the truth could not be clearer. Its offensive …show more content…
The flag stands for the many freedoms that we have that allow us to live in pursuit of happiness, and the sacrifices that many have made so this freedom can be secured for today and future generations to come. It stands for the one thing that every citizen of the United States of America has in common despite gender, race, income political views or age; it is that we are all Americans. Whenever a person kneels for the anthem, they are disrespecting the freedoms and rights that many have fought and died for; the same rights that allow them to kneel and escape prosecution in the first place. Many that kneel claim it is because of the inequity that they face because of race. If the system that we live in and that you are bluntly disrespecting is raciest, then why is it that over 50% of the NFL is of African American race, many receiving multimillion dollar contracts?

The 1st amazement allows us to exercise our right to free speech, and this right is becoming an excuse to the kneeling. How can player be punished for simply exercising their rights, they can’t. However, the workplace is an inappropriate time to broadcast your political views onto others. Payers can kneel whenever they want, however, they just can do it in the workplace. The NFL is a privet corporation that can make their own rules about conduct and behavior. They can fire you for not following the rules, and since you are hired by someone, it is not