Colin Kaepernick QB Controversy In Professional Sports

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This NFL season was filled with controversy before the season ever truly started Colin Kaepernick started protesting police brutality and the inequality that people of color in the United States face in August of 2016. He did so by initially sitting for the national anthem and then altering his demonstration to take a knee. Players haven't stopped kneeling since then leading to certain fans outraged putting owners and under fire to take action. Tv ratings dropping and President Trump constantly tweeting about the protest it's safe to say this wasn't the most productive year for the NFL. I have been a not just a NFL fan since a could remember but just football in general this is the sport I grew up playing and it holds a special place in my heart and like these NFL Players who take part in this protest football has always been a place for me to express myself.
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His protest extended across teams and throughout the sporting landscape, permeating into high school, NCAA, and even the U.S. National Women’s Soccer team. Nonetheless without football Kaepernick made headlines not in the sport world but in more influential area winning awards like Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award and Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award and was even named GQ’s 'CITIZEN OF THE