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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Grecia Matinez & Nayra Siqueiros
Mr. Vasquez
Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
When starting to conduct a paper plates business we must use the right tools to help us reach organization, planning and financial success in our industry. Currently we have been using Microsoft Excel, which is a great program, but would like to expand to Access to help us and guide us to better organize and plan our company’s data. Access database will be essential to the party plates business in which it will help us in the long run reach success.
Access is very helpful in the areas of conducting organization payroll, quantity of sale’s, client’s information which are accessible in multiple tables. Numerous spreadsheets are used in the Excel program as in with Access; it simplifies the finding by using data in common fields and various reports, tables and can be generated. Access offers the ability to construct an outsized quantity of data, while Excel has the ability to contain large amount of number formulas which in the extensive could affect over buying inventory and create a problem in our spending budged.
Also, Microsoft Access is very useful at Party Plates, because the program is beneficial and projects cooperation with other business to plan meetings with each other’s suppliers. Microsoft Access has a very sensible price range compared to other expensive programs available. This process will help elude replicating essential data and other manual stored data. Party Plates requirements this software because of all the diverse objects that we sale, and we can use for the general data. Integrating this Access software will be more informal to demonstrate our employees.

Benefits of Access
Microsoft Access has become a very easy and pleasant to use program for the public. Manager data:
Amount of data storage Access has a very well developed storage speed in which millions of rows of records.
Variety of data types has pleating of text, numbers, dates, and many data types.
Data Validation: Access has the availability to control data input, it also has move control and flexibility of clarifying and covering data input.
Security Access has a variety of security structures in which such as encryption, secret codes, digital signatures, and safety protection.
Import, export, and publish: Import and export data from exports data has…