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How to Smoke Marijuana

Some individuals try and release their stress by working out, reading a book, or watching television. These methods work, but not as well as marijuana which has all the unnecessary repercussions. There is nothing like taking a large hit off of a random smoking apparatus that may or may not contain what your local drug dealer calls “weed” to ease life’s pains, struggles, and difficulties. Marijuana is easily accessed, fun to use, and the effects are not as bad as you think. When trying to find weed, you don’t have to look very hard. Every high school, dark alleyway, and trailer park has easy access to limitless amounts of marijuana. Weed is also cheap so buying large amounts at a time will not alarm criminals or law enforcement. In fact, the police will reward you with longer jail time, harder penalties, and a good beat down during your arrest for attempting to purchase large amounts of hemp. Weed connoisseurs can also enjoy a good shanking or mugging from their neighborhood drug dealers. Drug dealers are always willing to take free stuff which they do not own since no one is going to report them. With weed, the sky is the limit. There are infinite ways to ingest the THC that is within weed. It can be smoked out of a pipe, bong, or even an ingeniously reconstructed coke can. The best way to smoke it out of all these methods is to construct a smoking apparatus out of copper piping. When the copper is heated up, there is a chemical reaction and the gas that will be inhaled is know as carbon dioxide. The technique of using copper for a pipe can make for an invigorating experience with the potential of degrading your health. I mean, why not? You’re already smoking a potentially harmful drug. Why not take it a step further. Marijuana can also be baked into cakes and brownies. During the consumption process, you do not have to worry about how much hemp is consumed…