Collapse: Hotel and Hyatt Regency Hotel Essays

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In 1976, Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation initiated a project for designing and building a Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City Missouri, Gillum-Colaco was selected as the consulting structural engineer for the project. This tragedy resulted from the conflictual and controversial communication between the Havens Steel Company and G.C.E International Inc. The fact that these two professional engineering companies obviously were not able to communicate each other in professional boundaries and haven’t acted in a responsible way and understood the importance of the job they were doing this project resulted in a disaster. A set of structural drawings and specifications for the project were prepared in late 1977. On July 17, 1981, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, held a videotaped tea-dance party in their atrium lobby. With many party-goers standing and dancing on the suspended walkways, connections supporting the ceiling rods that held up the second- and fourth-floor walkways across the atrium failed, and both walkways collapsed onto the crowded first-floor atrium below. The Kansas City Hyatt Regency walkways collapse left 114 dead and in excess of 200 injured.G.C.E. was responsible for preparing structural engineering drawings for the Hyatt project: three walkways spanning the atrium area of the hotel. Wide flange beams with 16-inch depths (W16x26) were used along either side of the walkway and hung from a box beam (made from two MC8x8.5 rectangular