Collecting Data Essay

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Collecting Data The importance of collecting appropriate data for intake and assessment forms is to make sure as much information has been documented in order to provide the services that are required to help the client. All the information that is gathered at this time will be used to develop a plan for each client which will be different from others. “The assessment process helps to identify and assess an individual’s current situation, issues and needs as well as to determine the most appropriate and effective means of helping the individual.” ("Intake And Assessment ", 2006). Collecting all he information is crucial in order to place the clients in the appropriate programs that will help them the most. It is very important that the case manager should always respond to the clients request for help right away. First meeting with the client that is when the assessment should take place. The sooner the better for providing the services for the clients especially when the cases are considered urgent. The quicker these clients’ needs are addressed the sooner and receive the help they need. There are times when the client gets turned off in the first face-to-face meeting because they treat the client as a number and not a human being with problems. “Actually, intake and assessment appointments can be viewed as a chance to help motivate clients to engage in the service. By instituting some form of process improvement, many organizations have been able to take advantage of this time and have increased the number of clients remaining in service.” ("Intake And…