Essay about College 101 Reflection Assignment

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Nicole Ottomanelli
Coach D. Moore
College 101
December 8, 2014

Reflection Assignment As part of a requirement for passing college 101, we had to participate in a event on campus. I attended the LIU Post football game to show my “pioneer pride”. Being a freshman in college, I was definitely very shy and timid to take part in any events or projects on campus. But I understand the purpose of participating in an event as requirement. It was to get us more active on campus, to take part and to gain confidence.

Attending the football game was definitely an experience that I benefited from. It made me more active in my college community. I enjoyed going to the game. I will admit, at first I was a little weary about going. Once I went, I didn’t want to leave. The energy and enthusiasm that was there was unbelievable. My first college football game was a success. It was at this game, that I met friends who are now my best friends.
Attending the game, changed my college experience. I remember on the first day of classes, I was so nervous and kept to myself but now I am definitely more confident and sociable. Besides this game, I attended 5 other Post football games. The vibe the game gives off is definitely something you have to go to, to experience. The spirit, makes you feel like your part of the game. The experience helped develop a better understanding of myself, others, and the campus community. I understand that we all have our part at post. If more would go to the games, the energy would be unbelievable. The more support the players get the better they will play. Of course our athletes want a crowd to play for and we as a community should be there support. Attending help me learn that if I wanted the full experience of college, I had to take part of the opportunities that were offered to me.
Post has so many event, programs, and activities to take part of. But I do think that the community needs to get the word out about these events more efficiently. Because a lot