Examples Of Admission In Nursing

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Admission Essay

I often reminisce about my dad and the last conversation we had; as he laid in his hospital bed. I helped my mom wash his hair and changed him into his pajamas. My dad held my hand and said to me “You know one day you will make an exceptional nurse.” Those words stuck with me through-out my life. As a child while other kids were playing dress- up, I was triaging my dolls. I would take toilet paper and pretend there were bandages while using Popsicle sticks to support their injuries. Those words my dad told me was my drive to become a nurse.

As time advanced I tried to stay in the healthcare field. I worked as a certified nurse’s aide, after my third year working in the nursing home environment. I realized Direct Patient Care wasn’t for me; I started looking into my options. With my caring nature; I wanted a position where I could help patients, without dealing with blood. I thought this was going to be more challenging than it sounds. After tremendous research Monroe College Online Program was my first choice. With their diverse programs they offer, made it accessible for me.
Health Care is one of the leading industries in the United States today, providing more than fourteen million jobs across the country. It’s no secret that the health care field is increasing at a rapid rate and the industry is recession proof career. According to current numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, seven out of the twenty fastest growing occupations are health