College Admission Counseling Essay

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I am interested in becoming a community college counselor, therefore; I research four associations that offer benefits to the professionals in higher education. One of them was Western Association for College Admission Counseling, which is also known as WACAC. WACAC is an association that is meant to advocate for student rights, educate professionals to support legislations that may help students succeed in their post-secondary student education. Moreover, WACAC has a committee called Transfer Advocacy Committee that provides scholarships to the transfer personal interested in attending their professional events and workshops, as well as, it informs them with transfer information allowing educators to connect with other professionals. Nonetheless, the National Associations for College Admission Counseling serves as a resource for counseling professionals, students and parents, and admissions professionals. The members of NACAC are given information about the overall college admission process, as well as, offers conferences and events, research, and even networking. However, there are three types of memberships: institutional, institutional (outside the USA), and individual. Those that want to be part of NACAC have to annually renew their membership. If a student wants to join, he/she will need to pay $65; however, the …show more content…
One of their goals is to increase access to certificate degrees, associates, and baccalaureate credentials. NISTS also promotes transfer success by providing online resources about the transferring process, which promotes professional development. Anyone interested in joining will have to pay a fee of $125 once a year. However, those that are encouraged to apply are higher education professionals that are dedicated to transfer