College Admissions Essay: A Career In Interior Design

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My passion and pretty much the talent that drives my life and what I want to do for the rest of my life is art. Art has opened up so many opportunities for me. For example, I was able to have the opportunity to be interviewed on a television show where I talked about my accomplishments in art as well as in women empowerment. Also, in art, painting specifically, has allowed me to branch out into different fields of visual arts where I found another one of my biggest passions other than painting, Interior Designing. I was given the amazing opportunity to sit down, talk, and interview with a lead designer in her field. This interview was quite helpful as I pursued an interior design field more. I realized all the different types of potential, as well as opportunities that could be found by becoming an interior designer. Her examples of what she has designed, including famous offices in San Francisco and the Levi’s Stadium, solidified my faith in continuing on this path because I ended up seeing a lot of opportunities that would be able to come my way in the future. …show more content…
I was part of the design and painting team of a giant mural of a pixelated eagle, painted on a brick wall, at the front of our school, as well as part of a team that renovated previous murals that were already in place. It was a huge honor for me to participate in this activity because I feel like I have left part of my legacy at the school. A part of me, and my craft will always and forever be there. Being able to do that at my school made me feel very proud and honored that they allowed a student to be part of that process of changing and transforming the