College Admissions Essay: My American Dream

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As an American I feel entitled to achieve the dream that promises me a richer and fuller life. In fact, my parents came here for me to achieve it and create a life of opportunity that I would not have elsewhere. No matter how nice the beaches, food and weather are in Trinidad it doesn't compare to the educational and personal growth that this country has to offer. That’s why my parents left, one after the other, landing in New York. My dad’s first impression, the air was hard to breath. Pollution? Or maybe it was the rhythm that New York’s lungs constricted and my dad had yet to fall into the pattern. Soon my parents became the annoying guest that wouldn’t leave. Overstaying their visit and officially gaining the title of immigrant. But it …show more content…
She graduated with a bachelors in education, not to mention Magna Cum Laude. All of that while raising four kids. And she didn't do bad. My big brother, NYU. My sister, SUNY New Paltz. My little brother, still thinking about high school first. Me, not sure. But no matter where, I will succeed. Each of us were given chances to help propel us to the places we are now and where we look forward to going. Programs like Hope Leadership Academy, Minds Matter and TEAK Fellowship, are a few that has members of the Arthur family in their database. And these programs are proof that this country wants its people to succeed. It seems that as years pass the definition of the American dream became skewed. Visions of a house on a hill, white picket fence and a two car garage replaced the true American dream. The true American dream that James Truslow Adams describes as “opportunities for each according to ability or achievement.” But we live in a world where everyone is different. My abilities and achievements are different from my brother’s, it's different from my mother's, it's different from yours. So why would we each be rewarded the same little house? Why would the dream be cookie cutter? Answer, we won’t and it’s