College Admissions Essay: My Passion As A Nurse

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As a child, I would have told you that my passion was something to do with sports. Growing up, I played almost every sport a six year old girl could possibly be involved in. Sports were intertwined deeply throughout my life and have played a major role in the person I am today. However, now that I am a young adult and my time as an athlete is drawing near, I have realized that there are bigger things in life than just sports. The true passion I have in my heart is not sports, it is to touch as many lives as possible in this life of mine and to someday use this passion to make the world a more peaceful and more happy place to live. With my chosen career path as nursing, I will come across many differing personalities. Everyday as a nurse, I will literally be helping people to overcome the physical state they may be in. Not only do I want to take care of people physically, but I also want to influence their lives in a positive manner. My parents taught me to always face obstacles in life with a smile. Throughout my whole life, I have always tried to keep a positive attitude no matter what situation I may be in. I know I will carry this knowledge with me throughout my career and pass it on to the patients that I someday will interact with. My goal is to share a smile and stay positive when around my …show more content…
In my opinion, giving is always better than receiving. To see somebody’s face light up when they receive a gift, no matter what the gift may be, is so rewarding. Giving back is something I want to do without getting noticed. The only thing I want to receive by giving back, is the thought that I somehow made a positive difference is somebody’s life. Volunteering or providing money to a charity foundation are two of the main ways that I wish to give back to my community. Giving back will remind me just how blessed I have been throughout my life, and how one small thing can make the biggest