College Admissions Essay: Percy Jackson And The Olympians

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I have trouble choosing my favorite topics to learn about because I have a wide range of interests. When I was younger, my favorite book series was Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan, and ever since I read those books, mythology has always interested me. Greek and Roman mythologies were my favorite but I also learned about Egyptian, Norse, and Native American mythologies as well. I always found these stories interesting because, unlike most modern religions, the gods were more human because they made mistakes, fought, and were stubborn. I also enjoyed reading mythologies because it is interesting to learn about how different cultures all have comparable gods and stories, and how they explained natural phenomena such as the weather …show more content…
In 10th grade I took my first chemistry course, many other students had trouble with this accelerated course throughout the semester however, it came easily to me. While many students struggled to stay awake during our note-taking in first period, I was always engaged. I even enjoyed the homework and lectures almost as much as the labs and experiments. After taking this class, I knew that whatever job I had in the future, must involve some chemistry. My chemistry teacher definitely has had a large impact on my future plans, ever since his class I have wanted to learn more about chemistry and I have been going back and forth between choosing my major to be a chemical/ material science engineer or pursuing a career in education to be a chemistry teacher or professor. Becoming a chemistry teacher interests me because I know firsthand how much influence a teacher can have over their students, and I would hope to be able to have that same influence over students one day if I choose to pursue education. I have decided that I would rather be an engineer instead because I would constantly be working on new projects instead of teaching the same information each year. While consistency is nice, I would rather work on different projects and challenge