College Admissions Essay: The Journey That Changed My Life

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In the blue house on the corner, one can find me: the girl with big ideas, but with a small voice. Throughout my seventeen years of life, I’ve experienced many trials and tribulations, but I gained the strength to overcome them. While my life has been a constant journey of finding my voice, I ultimately grew into a wiser, more confident individual. My story has taught me to speak my truth even if my voice may shake, and to be fearless in the face of adversity.
Growing up in a large family of six, everyone had big personalities- except for me. Despite my parents not finishing college, they placed the importance of obtaining education for my siblings and I. My siblings excelled academically, which made their accomplishments overshadow mine. Because I looked up to them and wanted to follow their academic
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However, in 2012, I began to lose sight of where I was going. After the first weeks of school, I started to frequently feel sick. Many physicians were unfamiliar with my condition, so after many doctor visits, I was sent to C.H.K.D. When I found out my health issues required surgery, my anxiety increased and self-confidence decreased. From missing weeks of school, I knew I would be bombarded with make-up work. The medical bills were adding up, and my mother was laid off from work due to her staying with me in the hospital. I felt like a burden on my family. However, through faith, I was able to receive surgery and have a speedy recovery. It was difficult for teachers to assist me with my overwhelming amount of make-up work, but through hard work, I was able to complete it. Although I finished the year with average grades, I realized that I have the ability to do more than what I think I may be capable of. By this, I built confidence and felt as if I can conquer any challenge life may throw at