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A Deep Analysis of Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”
Even though the title of Alice Walker’s short story “Everday Use” comes from the different intentions for the use of the quilts, I want to talk about all three characters contrasting ideas about their heritage and identities in Mama, Maggie, and Dee. The story takes place in the Deep South and is narrated in first person by the mother. The story starts off with the mother waiting patiently on Dee’s visit back home to see her mother and sister. The difference and similarities in all three ladies is what makes this short story one of the best that I have ever read.
As stated, the mother, Ms Johnson, is the narrator of the short story. She describes herself in the beginning as a big-boned woman that can do many things similar to a man. She also states that she was not educated pass the 2nd grade because her school closed down in 1927, and often has Maggie to read to her at times. She states that in 1927, “colored people didn’t ask as many questions as they do now.” Though it is not stated, it is believed that the reasoning behind the school closing was due to segregation going on at the time. Before Dee arrives, she envisions and often dreamed the return of her daughter to that similar to a television show, where Dee embraces her and is ecstatic to see her. She comes off as a strong African American woman that is very satisfied with her life and her children.
Next is Maggie. Maggie comes off as a very shy person and is not as…