College and Different Person Essay

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What Stresses Me

College causes me to have a lot of stress. There are a few things about college that cause me to have stress; school work, relationships, and adjusting to change. Adapting to the new life I have just jumped into causes me to have stress. It is the first time I am separated from my parents. I no longer have the security and protection like I did when I lived at home. It is hard to go from having everything handed to you, to having to do everything for yourself. I have to completely fend for myself. Going to college forced me to create a new identity for myself. I came to college not knowing anyone. It is easy for me to make friends but it can also get stressful. I am not use to being outgoing. I have always been shy but have realized I need to break out of my shell in order to meet new people, make new friends, and create relationships. Already the first two weeks of college has made me a different person. Schoolwork gives me major anxiety. It is hard to jump from high school expectations now to college expectations. I put so much pressure on myself to do well in school. Already, I’ve been piled with homework. With classes only once or twice a week, it is hard for me not to procrastinate. I tend to procrastinate until the night before which leaves me upset and extremely stressed. Dealing with the workload and having to use my time wisely is very stressful. College is a huge adjustment and causes me a lot of stress but I now know exactly how to