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Recently I have started connecting the dots between two areas that I excel in: Dance and Design Engineering. I am currently in the highest level dance class at my school. Getting accepted into this class is not easy; there are only 28 of us out of the 3000+ students that attended SAMOHI.
Another class where I was in the lucky minority was my Design Engineering class. In this case, we were only four girls in a class of 40. Our teacher was pleased to see that girls were interested in this field that is traditionally dominated by boys. As it turned out, I became one of the strongest students in the class and several of my projects were ranked best. We designed and built functional models of a rocket and a catapult, and mine were the most successful designs. An interesting fact about the rocket design was that it was supposed to cushion a raw egg in a landing module that separated from the rocket after take-off and landed to safety on the ground. My rocket soared the highest, and my egg landed without a scratch.
I feel that my skills as a designer are deeply linked to my gift for dance. My dance coach talks about “spacing” when he is choreographing a new piece, and this is a concept I would like to learn more about both as a designer and a dancer. I have always had a heightened sense of spatial intelligence, even as a small child when I would construct a whole world in a shoe box. If you admit me to your college, one of the major I will seriously consider is Design…