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TJ Connor
Honors English 11B
Mrs Webber
22 May 2015
College Application Essay: What makes you content in life?
I follow my parents advice every morning of every day. Before I eat breakfast, I stay in my room for fifteen minutes and just listen to music, usually Foo Fighters or Coldplay. For those fifteen minutes, I stop thinking, lose myself, and all my stress causers and problems go away. I don’t read, I don’t ponder over homework, and I don’t wonder what I’ll be doing in chemistry that day. It can be challenging at times, but I often manage to do nothing but listen. Music brings me to another world where I can feel my true emotions and just be myself with nobody around to judge. Besides learning, music is one of the few things in life I love doing everyday.
This is strange because learning new things has always brought me joy. However, I do enjoy some simple pleasures like watching tv and eating frozen yogurt. Given the choice, I always devote my time to thinking and later losing myself in music. I spent all of last summer listening to a new genre I’ve come to like, alternative, and reading a history textbook for the next school year. So why am I content when I am not learning about anything and my mind’s last thought would be to start thinking?
Simply, whatever I’m listening to on my playlist puts me in a state of peace. I am very fond of alternative, pop, and reggae music. Truthfully, since I’m so in love with listening to these types of music, I’m convinced that deep down we all love listening to one artist from at least one of these genres. At the very least, I know everyone likes or respects the reggae music Bob
Marley made. His music was filled with beauty and mystery, which are the same two things that make me love to learn about history and english. The difference between the two is that brains is of lesser importance to emotion and inspiration. It is hard to be more specific because all artists have something different to offer, often various things at the same time; Bob Marley's raw emotion expressed with the greatest refinement; Coldplay's unimaginably beautiful and emotional lyrics; Foo Fighters entirely original presence and material, and the list goes on. They

are all geniuses at what they do and