College Athletes Should Be Paid

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There are many aspects of an athletic scholarship that do not ensure nor guarantee the well-being of a student athlete outside of the sport they are associated with. College athletes understand the limitations of their scholarship and college athletes struggle to cover the expenses not covered. Life of a student athlete prevents the individual to get a job, due to time constraints and school regulations. According to Michael Wilbon, ESPN commentator, “The NCAA has paid millions into a fund for in-need athletes to cover clothing purchases, emergency travel and medical expenses”. This is not enough to support day to day expenses. College Athletic programs bring in billions of revenue a year and the athletes do not touch or see none of that money. Every college athlete deserves a piece of something they have worked for. Since being a part of the basketball team is considered a job like commitment to the school, this makes the players employees of the school; employees get paid. Scholarships for student athletes are not enough compensation to sustain a living therefore student athletes should be given salaries. …show more content…
Compensation such as tuition, meal plans, shelter, and books are already given. An academic scholarship alone should be highly accepted. The athlete does not have to pay any loans back nor tuition when they graduate. They are given opportunities to work towards their future career, where they will later have the chance to earn money, for the cost of their academic performance. If the student athletes want to be paid for their contributions, then they need to work extremely hard and make it to the professional level, where they would be paid for their greatly. Players bring publicity to the schools, especially if their sports are televised. This grabs the attention of professional scouts to recruit players