College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Recently, debates have come up in colleges about their athletes being paid while representing the University or college at the collegiate level. Being a student athlete, I have a great insight to what all goes on in the daily life of an athlete. Athletes bring excitement to the world of sports and put time and work into what they do every day. Even though the thought of being paid sounds great; paying student athletes would lead to the loss of revenue along with the controversy of other sports on campus that are not as popular, and would result in greed.
Student athletes are compensated with athletic scholarships, but not all athletes receive money. Most athletes receive one of the following partial scholarships: tuition and books, tuition and room and board. These athletes are not given these scholarships because of grades like normal academic scholarships, they are given them based off of their athletic ability. Considering most college students leave after four years in debt with an enormous burden on their shoulders. Even if a job is lined up after graduation or not; the burden will be the same. Having an athletic scholarship to cover any part of your college cost is
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For the reason that there are reliable facts why people think college athletes should be paid. For instance, college athletes will spend the equivalence of an average person’s time at work a week just with both practice and games, not including the time spent in the classroom and study. Not having enough available time to