College Athletes Should Get Paid

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According to How to Play, USA Today College, and SmartAsset, College athletes should get paid for participating. College athletes getting paid would not only benefit them but the whole community. Athletes should get paid because every game is another chance on getting hurt, athletes are participating voluntarily, and that would also encourage athlete students to stay in school longer.
College Athletes should get paid because they put their bodies in danger. According to smartasset in Should College students be Paid?, “College athletes put their bodies on the line each game they play.” In other words, Athletes should get paid because they put their lives in danger to entertain the viewers/parents. Everygame hundreds of families go to support their team which also costs money. Colleges make thousands of dollars by selling food and charging 4 to 8 dollars for entrance which means that the least that can be done is paying college athletes to play.
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According to David Wince in Should College Athletes Get Paid?, “Paying Players Would Keep The Athletes In School Longer”(smartasset). In other words, athletes would want to stay longer in school if they would be getting paid. This would not only benefit the athlete but the whole community in that the student gets more education. Being a student is very costly. Buying materials and paying for classes is very expensive. If athletes would get paid, this would help them economically and provide a better future and education for