College Athletes Should NOT Be Paid

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Over the course of recent years, college sports have seen a tremendous increase in popularity within the United States. Whether it be basketball, football, or hockey, collegiate sporting events have led to increasing, large amount of income to their universities, and in addition can bring about more popularity to the college. For instance, in a study directed by the Orlando Sentinel, a news company, said it was evaluated that the University of Texas' athletic program had the highest income of any other university at $120,288,370 (Sanderson). Yet, even with this massive amount of cash, student-athletes are still not allowed to receive payment. As said by NCAA rules, “You are not eligible for participation in a sport if you have ever: Taken pay, or the promise of pay, for competing in that sport” (NCAA Regulations). Because of this law, many athletes have been paid under the table through illegal businesses. Experts note that top student-athletes look for the quickest way to the professional league, as a result of having no motivation to stay in school and complete their college degree. However, others say that collegiate athletes shouldn't be paid and that it would destroy …show more content…
Running a collegiate athletic program takes a very large amount of resources as well. Looking at it from an economic perspective, it is not practical to pay college athletes yet since the majority of universities could not afford to do so. Only “20 college programs make a profit from their athletics” (Kahn). Likewise, some feel that if college athletes were to get paid, university sports would favor the programs that have the financial assets to pay student athletes the most which would make the playing field uneven. Obviously, you're more inclined to go to a college that can offer you a better