College Athletes Should Not Paid

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Professional athletes all around the world bring in the big bucks, but college athletes, though they work just as hard, see none of the sort. As of today, college athletes are not paid, and never have been. Even with the insane amount of money that both colleges and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) bring in from the athletes’ hard earned accomplishments. There are tons of college athletes out there that, though they are working hard developing their skills, they have to pay off their college expenses while being used by colleges to bring in tons of money. They are working harder than any other student on any college campus, so shouldn’t they be rewarded? College athletes should not only be recognized as professionals, but be paid for their efforts in collegiate sports.
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First, the least amount of money that a DI school brought in per year was eight million dollars ("College Athletics Revenues and Expenses - 2008."). With at least $8 million to work with, any DI school should be able to pitch in at least some money towards paying college athletes. Also, the NCAA alone brings in over $6 billion annually ("Debate Club: Should College Athletes Be Paid."), so if any school, whether they be Division I, II, or III, cannot afford to pay college athletes, the NCAA has more than enough revenue to help pay athletes. Finally, colleges and businesses both make money off of selling jerseys to fans, but who makes the jerseys popular in the first place? The players. Studies have shown that the jerseys with the most sales are jerseys with corresponding numbers to popular players’ numbers (Rovell). The players who have made these numbers and teams popular see none of the business made from the jersey and apparel sales, but isn’t it about time to give credit where credit is