College Athletics Essay

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aBrent Calhoun
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College Athletics

Do you ever watch college sports and thinking that they are probably living the good life? Well you are wrong. They struggle just as much as the regular college student on the finance part of school. That is why I think that college athletes should get paid for the sport that they perform. They work just as hard or maybe even harder than people that have jobs do, because they play a sport they can’t really get a job, and they bring in profit into the schools that they are at. I think that there are a lot of pros and cons to this.
College athletes should get paid for the sport that they preform because they work just as hard as or even harder than most people that have jobs. They are not getting paid for it. They need to make a living somehow. They can’t live and eat off of no money. Well people say that they are on scholarship and they get their school and where they live paid for. Well that is all that they pay for. College athletes struggle just as much as the ordinary college student. The y sometimes doesn’t have money to get something to eat because they don’t have enough money. I personally don’t think that it should be like that if they are bringing in money into the school for the things that they do.
I also think that they should get paid because that should they bring in a profit into the school and they make the school money. They are the reason that people come to the games. Including merchandise sales they bring in they help bring in a lot of the schools money. They bring in about 65 to 70 percent of the money for athletics into the school (CNBC). Other than the boosters that help and donate to the schools and to the athletic programs, the athletes bring in the money in. From all the money that help brings in they don’t get any of it. The NCAA has such restrict rules that if they can’t even take something for free for doing the sport that they perform. If they do take it then could risk losing their eligibility for that sport. But how can they not be able to take anything free if they can’t get paid for their sport? I don’t understand how they are supposed to not take anything if they don’t have or get from the university. I think that they should get paid a decent amount so that they won’t take money or free things from boosters or people that are major contributors to the university. It would cut down a lot on the violations that happen when athletes take money from the boosters.

The athletes work just as hard if not harder than most people that have job. They do just as much as people that have jobs do. Really people that have jobs don’t do as much as athletes do. Athletes wake up, go to practice, lift weights, go to class, and try to maintain a social life. That is so hard to do especially in college when you are trying to play your sport to go to the next level to get where you want to be. Most college athletes want to go to pros for theirs sport. If you want to go pro for your sport then you have to put in a lot more work in the gym. I personally do not think that a regular person who has a job and gets paid for it could go through what a college athlete goes through. Not to mention that they always have coaches yelling at them 24/7 to do better.
A lot of good things could come out of college athletes getting paid. I think that it would cut down the violations that happen in the NCAA when players are taking benefits from outside sources that give them things for preforming their sport. Also I feel it would want to make the players work harder and play harder to try and keep their spot on the team. By them playing harder and better the school that they play for would get more people into the stand and get more money.
A few bad things that could happen are that people might say that it is bas because that they are treating them like it’s the NBA when they are still in college. Kids would also start