College Bowl Quiz Essay

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CNN- Cable News Network
CD-Compact Disc
BMW-Bavarian Motor Works
DEA-Drug Enforcement Agency
HP-Hewlett Packard
RIM-Research in Motion
TBS-Turner Broadcasting System
TNT-Turner Network Television
MGM-Metro Goldwyn Myer
SEC-Securities and Exchange Commission
GE-General Electric
NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration
CEO-Chief Executive Officer
CFO-Chief Financial Officer
NAACP-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
GOP- Grand Ole Party
FIFA- Federation International de Football Association
DJIA-Dow Jones Industrial Average
MSN- Microsoft Network
HBO-Home Box Office
ESPN-Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
1) Name the last four Super Bowl Winners(Must be in order from oldest to latest):
Steelers, Saints, Packers, Giants 2) What's an NBA player deemed to be if he's received the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?
3) What NBA team plays home games in the AT&T Center?
4) What company’s logo is called the “swoosh”?
5) How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win at the 2008 Olympics?
6) In 1963, he became the youngest man to win the Masters. In 1986, he became the oldest man to win the Masters. Who is he?
Jack Nicklaus 7) If you have been rabbit punched, where have you been hit?
The back of the neck 8) Mario Lemieux was born in Quebec. So was which famously superstitious goalie?
Patrick Roy 9) Which sports figure holds the record for appearing the most times on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
Michael Jordan 10) What is the most watched sport in the world?
11) Who holds the record for the longest hitting streak in baseball?
Joe DiMaggio 12) Which teams play in the Staples Center?
Clippers, Lakers, Kings, Sparks 13) How many total MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL teams are there in California?
14) Which football player is the movie “The Express” about?
Ernie Davis 15) Which country is hosting the 2016 Olympics?
16) Name the last two winners of the men’s soccer World Cup (Must be in