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Charles Bowen
English 100
January 30, 2010
Coming out of high school puts a lot of pressure and stress on kids all over the world. When kids come out of high school, they have three options in life. They can get a full-time job, go to college or enlist in the military. Either choice that they pick has its positive and negative points. Many kids already are very busy during high school with their involvement in sports, clubs and even part-time jobs. During my high school career, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life and still don’t. Since I was clueless, I figured that I would further my education and in the process try to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I knew that I did not want to enlist in the military due to the war in Iraq. Since I am the only child, my mother would never approve of me enlisting. So I went to college and it turns out that you have a lot more freedom than high school. Classes are more beneficial and I enjoy the atmosphere. I decided to attend college to further my education so that I could get a career and not a job. This way I can study for whatever I would like to do in life.
In conclusion, I believe that college is the best choice for me because it will give me extra time in life to see what the future holds for me. It seems that college was a good choice since many people are losing their jobs all over the world due to the economy. I chose a community college so I can just study the basic courses until I see what career