College Comparison Essay

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College Comparison Essay

As you slowly edge toward the end of high school, there is an important

decision and choice we all have to make. Which college are you going to? Most teenagers dream of that one perfect college, even since they were a kid. But as you grow older, you have to face the truth: What exactly defines the college you want?
Many factors play in this decision like location, weather, scholarship, majors, tuition and sometimes even their football team. Two of my choices of my college include
Stanford and Long Beach University. They both have many similarities, which make it difficult to choose between the two schools, but they also have many differences which are always nice to fall back on when making a difficult decision. The differences allow one to see what they are missing if they choose the other school and may possibly sway their decision. Stanford and Long Beach offers a different range of classes to choose from, a unique culture, and provides two different types of city­life.

The two colleges have their own selection of majors that fit for a specific need

of a student. Stanford specializes in medicine and law while Long Beach focuses on natural science and engineering. These classes are used to attract certain types of students that are interested in those subjects so if there are more classes, more unique people are present at the university. “CSULB was also recognized by the publication in one of its other ranking categories – racial diversity. The Long Beach campus ranked No. 5 among all regional universities in the west with a 0.69 diversity index score” (Gloady 5). This is important to get a wider perspective of things to get the best results when doing an experiment or project. Long Beach University offers

more majors to choose from because it has more individual colleges than Stanford.
“CSULB comprises eight academic colleges: Arts, Business Administration,
Education, Engineering, Health and Human Services, Liberal Arts, Natural Science and Mathematics, and Continuing and Professional Education” (Wikipedia). Stanford only has seven colleges so Long Beach teaches more subjects. My interests include engineering and ecology so obviously, I will choose to go to Long Beach University.

Each college has their own unique culture that is cherished throughout their

students. Even Stanford has their own way of celebrating life. People’s first impression of Stanford University is an esteemed college that is devoted to scientific research. Although it is known for its prestigious academies, it is more of a party college in the inside. People hop in fountains, eat frozen yogurt, and hosts the wildest parties. Stanford is also known for being the creator of fountain hopping! This is the tradition of waddling in its 25 different fountains. One of the most craziest event that happened is the rescue of the Stanford Axe. This axe is a personal mascot for football. “After the Spring Axe Rally on April 3, 1930 four Stanford students posing as photographers temporarily blinded Norm Horner, the Grand
Custodian of the Axe, with camera flashes. In the subsequent scuffle, the Stanford students grabbed the Axe while several others disguised as Cal students tossed a smoke bomb at the Cal students who guarded it. The Axe was taken to one of three cars which sped off in different directions” (Cardinal Culture). Long Beach University has none of these wacky and fun traditions. So other than their lack of diversity,
Stanford definitely takes the title of the most interesting school in my opinion.

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