College Dating-Online Dation Essay

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College Dating – Online Dating Do you think that it is possible to meet your significant other online? According to Lauren Narvaez, the author of “Online Dating: Connecting with a Quick Click”, it is possible. These days, a lot of social network services are rising up, and I am one of the people who use them a lot. Moreover, I have met some good friends through pen pal programs. So, I was quite interested about online dating. Many people try to find their partner through online dating sites these days. Because there are so many websites and choices, they think it is easier and faster than to meet someone off line. However, it still takes a long time to develop the relationship online. In addition, there are some negative sides to it. For example, it is so easy to sign up for online dating and people can easily lie about themselves. Moreover, you should be careful that the person online is being honest about themselves. People can sometimes lie about their profile and want to find a person for only a one night stand. Narvaez says, “There is a misconception that online dating is easier. Time still has to be made to actually make a connection so a relationship can be developed” (Narvaez 2013). I agree with this because relationships through online cannot include physical things like facial expressions, gestures, and voice but only words. It is more difficult to make sure what the person is like. So, I think it would take a longer time to know each other than meeting…