College Degree Goals

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A college degree is something that can positively shape an individual who is willing to put the effort into obtaining one. By getting an education, people are able to acquire better jobs and make better decisions in life. My college education is valuable to me because it is the key to my successful future. With a bachelor’s degree in information technology, I will be able to achieve the goals I have for my future employment. Information technology is a growing and changing field that is important for today’s world. I hope to advance my career in IT by finding a job that requires the skills I will have when I am finished with my degree. An IT degree will allow me to obtain any job that deals with managing and repairing computers and computer …show more content…
Being an IT professional is not just fixing computers and hooking up wires so people can connect to the Internet. People in the field have a lifetime of learning to be better at what they do. IT professionals seek ways to advance technology in order to make clients happier and produce more income for the industry. One way to make this possible is inventing new technologies and implementing them in a way that allows them to succeed. People who are interested in IT also have to have a background in business practices. Most information technology degrees require a certain number of credits towards business and management courses. Information technologies can be used to start businesses, which can help economic development of a society. Some people in the IT field desire their own entrepreneurships and want to innovate the market of technology. In order to become an innovator in information technology, students have to be focused on these career goals during their college education. Being a college student helps encourage the social aspects of entrepreneurship, so it is important for IT professionals interested in innovation to have a strong background with education. IT entrepreneurs are different from other entrepreneurs, because they risk technological changes during the course of their careers. According to Liqiang Chen in his article “IT Entrepreneurial Intention Among College Students: An Empirical Study,” students studying information technology are more likely to achieve their innovation goals because, “IT entrepreneurs usually need more technical knowledge as well as higher innovation attitudes and capabilities.” Having technical knowledge is a good framework for students who wish to start their own businesses. IT students have the capabilities that are needed for innovation, and they contribute to the economic growth of society by pursuing their